Is the biblical teaching on sexuality hateful? Is it harmful? Have social and scientific developments made biblical teaching on sexuality outdated? How can I follow Jesus and love my neighbours? Does Jesus love people who are LGBTQ+? How can I have conversations with family, friends, and loved ones about this? In a society that disagrees with the Bible, how can I have confidence in what it teaches?

Come to Dig & Delve this year as we discuss these matters. Bring your toughest questions and doubts. We believe that Jesus is the true hope for all people, that His teaching is true and wise, that it is in Him that you will find rest for your soul, and that His Yoke is easy and His burden is light.


We will be hosting this as a hybrid event – both ONLINE and IN-PERSON. Our speakers will be live at the event so lots of good panel discussions and Q&A times will be included. More details will be provided upon registration.

We have lined up three great speakers for our conference this year.


April 1st – 2nd

Details Upon Registration



About Christopher

Dr. Christopher Yuan taught the Bible at Moody Bible Institute for over ten years and his speaking ministry on faith and sexuality has reached five continents. He speaks at conferences, on college campuses, and in churches. He has co-authored with his mother their memoir, Out of a Far Country: A Gay Son’s Journey to God, A Broken Mother’s Search for Hope (100,000 copies sold and now in seven languages). He is also the author of Giving a Voice to the Voiceless

Christopher graduated from Moody Bible Institute in 2005, Wheaton College Graduate School in 2007 with a Master of Arts in Biblical Exegesis, and received his doctorate of ministry in 2014 from Bethel Seminary. Dr. Yuan’s newest book, Holy Sexuality and the Gospel: Sex, Desire, and Relationships Shaped by God’s Grand Story was named 2020 Book of the Year for Social Issues by Outreach Magazine.

About Jojo

Jojo equips Christians to be effective ambassadors for Christ for everyday conversations. He has spoken at venues that include Sunday morning services, secular debates at universities and morning chapels at Christian schools.

Jojo focuses on practical ways to defend the faith. He teaches Christians how to explain their worldview using tools that non-Christians can understand. For example, he helps audiences think of the right questions to ask non-believers not just the right answers they ought to give.

Jojo earned a Bachelor of Journalism and a Masters in Political Science from Carleton University in Ottawa. He is the Communications Director of Free to Care.

About Andre

André Van Mol, MD is a board-certified family physician in private practice. He serves as the co-chair of the American College of Paediatricians’ Committee on Adolescent Sexuality. He is a blogger and a media spokesperson for the Christian Medical & Dental Associations; works with Alliance Defending Freedom in defence of culture of life and First Amendment issues; and advises Global Medical Research Institute.  Dr. Van Mol teaches a course on Bioethics for the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. He and his wife Evelyn —both former U.S. Naval officers—have two sons and two daughters, the latter of whom were among their nine foster children.

Dr. Van Mol’s articles and commentaries on bioethical and Christian concern issues have appeared frequently in CMDA’s Today’s Christian Doctor and ‘the point’. He has been published in the Annals of Pharmacotherapy, Chest journal, Nucleus (UK), the Jamaica Observer, the Jamaica Gleaner, and several regional publications. He has been interviewed by American Family News/OneNewsNow, American Medical News, Family News in Focus, LifeSiteNews, World Magazine, Christian Post, The Federalist, FRC’s Washington Watch, Janet Mefferd Live, Janet Parshall’s America, and regional PBS radio, among others.

Individual In-Person ticket: $39.00 (plus Eventbrite fee)

Individual Online Ticket:  $29.00 (plus Eventbrite fee)

Watch Party up to 10 People: $199.00 (plus Eventbrite fee)

Watch Party up to 50 People: $499.00 (plus Eventbrite fee)


Click here to watch any of these Dialogues on YouTube.


November 6th – Gracious God or Moral Monster – Daniel Gilman Click here to find a list of suggested reading from Daniel.

December 4th – Classic Skeptical Challenges to the Christmas Story – George Sinclair & Ben Jolliffe

January 8th – Finding a Better Identity: Sexuality, Gender and Jesus – Jojo Ruba

February 5th – Good News or Fake News: Why should I trust the Bible? – Wesley Huff

March 5th – Divine Child Abuse or Good Friday: Why did Jesus Die? – Paul Carter

April 9th – The Witness of History and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ – Michael Haykin

May 7th – A Christian Response to Critical Theory – Cameron McAllister Click here to watch some introductory videos on Critical Theory.

June 11th – Clarity on Critical Race Theory – Brandon Cleaver

DIG & DELVE is an annual humble apologetics conference that explores the deeper questions that humans ask.

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People Are Saying…

The Dig and Delve conference helped me to uncover and test some assumptions that I didn’t even realize I had. It was beneficial to have an engaging conference that allowed me to be open with myself and think about why I believe what I believe.

Brady, uOttawa Student

I really enjoyed the Dig and Delve conference on the validity of the New Testament! Exploring the cultural context of the 1st century and the literary devices the Biblical writers would have used has helped me better understand the New Testament and the so-called discrepancies between different books and texts. As a student who has never studied theology or analyzed the Bible as intentionally as some of the other attendees, the talks were both accessible and thought-provoking.

Andrea, uOttawa Student

I really enjoy the depth of knowledge and expertise coupled with "out of the box" thinking on topics. This isn't a "sunday sermon" dragged out for a weekend, but theologians with expertise and understanding digging into issues without the bounds of religious epitomes encouraging you to think and come to your own conclusions.

Earl L.

I liked dig and delve because firstly it made me think about things that I might not otherwise think about in a manner I might not otherwise think about them. Also I loved learning about the topics put forward from experts in that field.

Rhys, 14yr old

Very friendly, very open. I enjoyed the fact that there was a lot of discussion and a lot of openness and it felt very anonymous. You were able to give your text messages and ask your own questions without having to really present yourself. I found, maybe not for me, but for the general public, I think that’s a really good thing. Being exposed to so many different types of thoughts, it really allows you come back to your own thought and your own faith, and really isolates exactly how you feel and to put it into better terms.


It’s a really neat experience to be able to listen to talks from people from all different backgrounds. Anything from philosophy to sciences to humanities. Every year it’s a little bit different, which is great because we have people from all different backgrounds and fields within the audience as well. So, I found it encouraging, it was challenging, it was thought provoking and it’s an overall wonderful sort of atmosphere.


It’s made me think of questions I never really thought of asking before. Or, looking at issues from an entirely different perspective, one that would never have occurred to me in my own natural mode of thinking.


I think it’s important to look at your faith critically and to really know that you know something because it’s logical and rational and not just because you inherited it from your parents. I think Dig & Delve is the most amazing opportunity to be able to look at a whole different bunch of perspectives from really knowledgeable people and use that information, that is so Biblically founded and researched so carefully, from these experts and to then apply it to your own faith, I think it’s just such a valuable tool in my faith walk that I couldn't miss it.

Marisca, UOttawa

Thank You To Our Sponsors

The organizers of the DIG&DELVE events hold to the historic, biblical, orthodox Christian faith. Our series of apologetics events stands within this tradition and deals with both classic and modern objections to the Christian faith. We seek highly qualified, articulate, and respectful speakers. Our sponsors are supportive of this endeavour but do not necessarily know every particular dialogue that will take place. The opinions expressed in each dialogue are the speaker’s own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the organizers or the sponsors.

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