Dig & Delve Conference Schedule:

  • Friday Evening: 7:00 pm
    Acquiring Accurate Vision of Reality
  • Saturday Morning: 9:00 am
    Understanding Evil Supernatural Beings and Practices
  • Saturday Morning: 11:00 am
    The Spiritual War and You

Three great talks by John Mahaffey:

Acquiring Accurate Vision of Reality:  Is your vision of reality accurate? Do you see the world clearly and truly understand what is happening in your life and around the globe? Do you view ultimate reality as only physical and material, ultimately spiritual in nature, or both fundamentally physical and spiritual? This first session will cover the different ways that people view and understand their relationship to spirits. These views will be contrasted with what the Bible teaches. You will be encouraged to question and remove your default “lenses”, whether they be spiritually-overloaded, physically-dependent, Eastern, or Western in nature, because they distort the dangers of the spiritual world revealed by the Bible and miss the hopeful, grace-filled biblical understanding of humanity’s relation to spirits. Instead, you will be encouraged to put on new lenses that see our world the way that Jesus saw it – a world where hostile evil spirits both exist and can affect you. Take a look at a world where you can be on His side of the battle and experience freedom and hope

Understanding Evil Supernatural Beings and Practices :  How are you to understand anything of the evil supernatural beings that both rage throughout the universe and also influence individual lives? This second session will look at the terrible cosmic rebellion that began in the heavenly realm and came to earth shortly after creation. You will learn how this battle of deception and oppression now centers on human beings, how the demonic resists God’s plan of redeeming humanity by attacking the church as it seeks to take the gospel to all people, and how this impacts you and your efforts to walk the way of Jesus.

The Spiritual War and You:  How do you fight back against the forces of wickedness and become victorious? How can you arm yourself in this spiritual war? Tragically, much of what humans have said and done in this area has not helped but has hurt themselves and others. On the other hand the Bible’s guidance on the matter brings hope. This final session will clarify the ways that demons exert their influence on people (by energizing temptations rooted in our fallen nature and worldly system). The session will also explore how demons continually attempt to gain a foothold into your life and into the church through particular sins and occultic practices. The way of deliverance and spiritual health will be made clear in all of this!

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Previous Conference Speakers

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Andreas Köstenberger

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Previous Conference Videos

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