Conference Schedule

The following is the schedule for this year’s DIG & DELVE Conference.


6:30 … Doors open
7:00 … Kickoff
7:10 … DIG #1 – George Sinclair – Evolutionary Theory is a Big Deal
Can you believe that Christianity is true and evolutionary theory is true? Is it reasonable to say that evolutionary theory merely describes how God created all things? Does evolutionary theory require larger claims that touch on both the universe itself and human experience? This talk will help frame the questions and issues and help people understand the flow of our 2019 conference.
7:30 … DELVE #1 – John Patrick – Causes & Consequences
European science in the Middle Ages was comprised of the study of nature, mathematics and natural philosophy and the church was the patron of science. The story of how this relationship changed and what the consequences are for us today is fascinating.
8:20 … DELVE #2 – Michael Behe – Fearfully, Wonderfully, Deliberately: The Argument for Intelligent Design from Biochemistry
Throughout recorded history, virtually all people — intelligent or not, devout or not — have thought that life was purposely designed. That changed in the mid-19th century when Darwin proposed his theory of evolution. With the development in the early 21st century of sophisticated new tools to probe the molecular basis of life, however, it’s changing back.
9:05 … PANEL – Q&A discussion
9:30 … Wrap up & previews


8:30 … Doors open
9:00 … Kickoff
9:10 … DIG #2 – Jonathan Patrick – Why Science without Faith Leads to Post-Modernism
9:30 … DELVE #3 – Brian Miller – The Evidence for Intelligent Design in Physics, Cosmology, and Planetary Science
Advances in physics and planetary science over the past century have consistently yielded evidence that the universe and our planet are the results of intelligent design. Dr. Miller will explain how recent discoveries from research on the Big Bang and on how the laws of physics were carefully chosen to allow for life in the universe point to a Creator. In addition, he will describe evidence for design in our planet, moon, sun, and galaxy.
10:15 … 30-minute break
10:45 … DELVE #4 – Robert Larmer – Is There Anything Wrong with ‘God of the Gaps” Reasoning?
Any appeal to divine intervention to bridge what seems to be otherwise unbridgeable gaps in naturalistic explanations, for example the origin of life, are routinely dismissed on the grounds that they commit the fallacy of the “God of the gaps’. Dr. Larmer will examine this presumed fallacy and argue that this routine dismissal is unjustified.
11:30 … PANEL – Q&A Discussion
12:00 … Lunch (1-hour break)
1:00 …  Welcome back
1:10 … DELVE #5 – Michael Behe – Less is More: How Darwinian Evolution Helps Species Adapt by Breaking Genes
The Darwinian mechanism of natural selection sifting random mutations helps species adapt to their environments. With the development of new laboratory tools to sequence DNA, however, we now know it does so mostly by degrading pre-existing genetic information.
2:00 … DELVE #6 – Brian Miller  Thermodynamics, the Origin of Life, and Intelligent Design
Origin of life research over the past few decades has consistently demonstrated that the driving tendencies in nature work against the coalescence of simple chemicals into a functional cell. In addition, advancements in thermodynamic research indicates that the origin of life is theoretically impossible without intelligent direction. Moreover, analyses of a minimally complex cell continuously identify characteristics which only correspond to objects of intelligent design. Dr. Miller will explain this ever-growing body of evidence and identify the stages where design is required.
2:45 … 30-minute break
3:15 … DELVE #7 – Robert Larmer – The Many Inadequate Justifications of Methodological Naturalism
Contrary to proponents’ claims, methodological naturalism is not metaphysically neutral. Consequently, its acceptance as a practice requires justification. Unfortunately for its advocates, attempts to justify it are failures. It cannot be defended as a definition, or a self-imposed limitation of science, nor, more modestly, as an inductively justified commitment to natural causes. As a practice, it functions not to further scientific investigation, but rather to impose an explanatory straitjacket.
4:00 … PANEL – Q&A Discussion
4:30 … Final wrap up

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