Conference Schedule

The following is the schedule for this year’s DIG & DELVE Conference.

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6:30 … Jessica Pearson and the East Wind Band (JPEW)
7:00 … Kickoff
7:10 … Dig #1 – Tragedy and Disability? (Jimmy)
7:30 … The Problem Posed (George)
7:50 … Dig #2 – Sexual Abuse and God’s Healing Power (Lisa)
8:10 … Dig #3 – Touched by Malevolence: Lessons of God’s sovereignty and comfort in the Rwandan Genocide (Victor)
8:30 … Delve #1 – Where is God in My Suffering? (Alycia)
9:30 … Wrap up & Previews


8:30 … Doors open w/music from JPEW
9:05 … Dig #4 – Fighting Sex Trafficking and Crime (Carl)
9:25 … Delve #2 – Literature, Philosophy, and the Christian Understanding of Suffering (Graeme)
10:10 … Break (w/music from JPEW)
10:30 … Delve #3 – The Gospel Gives Meaning in a World with Evil and Suffering (Derek)
11:20 … Delve #4 – The Suicide of the West (Graeme)
12:05 … Q+A (Graeme, Derek and Alycia)
12:30 … Lunch
1:30 … Music w/ JPEW
1:40 … Welcome Back & Prizes
1:50 … Dig #5 – Helping Those Suffering and Dying (John)
2:10 … Delve #5 – The Gospel Gives Hope to Deal with Evil and Suffering (Derek)
2:55 … Break
3:15 … Dig #6 – Choosing to Suffer for Doing Right (Greg)
3:40 … Delve #6 – Why Believe the Gospel in a World with Evil and Suffering (Alycia)
4:25 … Q+A (Derek and Alycia)
4:45 … Why I am a Christian: (Alycia and Derek)
5:00 … Final Wrap up

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Special thanks for music by JPEW

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Previous Conference Titles

2017: In a World of 10,000 Religions…Can Jesus Be The Only Way?

2016: I Can’t Believe the Bible Because…

2015: BEING HUMAN: Scientifically? Uniquely? Sexually? Freely? REALLY?

2014: THE NEW TESTAMENT: Fact or Fabrication?

Previous Conference Speakers

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Andreas Köstenberger

Andy Bannister

Craig Evans

Dan Byrne

Daniel Gilman

Daniel Wallace

Fazale Rana

George Sinclair

Greg Monette

Iain Provan

John Patrick

John Stackhouse

Lèa Sancandi

Margaret Köstenberger

Mark Maharaj

Mike Licona

Monika Hilder

Paul Copan

Paul Lim

Samir Javed

Steve Griffin

Alycia Wood

Derek Rishmawy

Graeme Hunter

Sgt. Carl DeJONG

Greg Kopczyk

Lisa Moore Ede

Victor Ndihokubwayo

Jimmy Ruggiero

Dr. John Scott

Previous Conference Videos

Here are a sample of videos from our YouTube Channel. We invite you to go there to see our full collection recorded from some of our previous conferences.

From Atheist to Christian at Yale – Dr. Paul Lim

Did Early Christians Borrow From Pagan Myths? – Dr. Mike Licona

Dr. Andy Bannister – Given all the options, what’s so special about Jesus?

How to Go on a Religious Quest – Dr. Paul Lim

Did Jesus Rise From the Dead? Dr. Mike Licona

Dr. Daniel Wallace – How badly did the scribes corrupt the New Testament text?

Dr. Andy Bannister – The Qur’an or the Gospels: Where is the real Jesus to be found?

Dr. Craig Evans – Digging for truth: Does archaeology confirm the Gospels?